Structured Products

  • Our Structured Products Group uses a customized solicitation process in order to arrange for investment contracts that are most favorable to our clients and ensure that potential providers have sufficient information to evaluate the transaction and provide competitive bids.

    Experienced team

    • Since 2006, our team has structured and bid out hundreds of investment agreements for nearly $29 billion of related debt on behalf of a wide range of issuers.
    • Our clients suffered no loss of principal during the height of the financial crisis, and we continue to identify prudent investment strategies in a dynamic market with reduced participation.

    Customized, client-driven process

    • PFMAM creates and distributes to prospective providers a detailed term sheet along with relevant supporting documentation, which typically includes over 40 individual business and legal provisions designed to facilitate conversations among the working group about important business points and relevant tax compliance.
    • We maintain constant communication with providers in the first stage of the process to ensure complete understanding of the transaction.
    • Our bidding process is conducted via Bloomberg, e-mail, and/or facsimile to ensure that time-stamped, electronic records of the bidding process are available for record-keeping and compliance purposes.

    Strong focus on compliance and record keeping requirements

    • Bid sheets and all relevant information are incorporated into our overall documentation as part of our bidding agent certificate and final report.
    • Our objective is that every investment transaction be structured and executed in a prudent manner that takes into account both economic and tax considerations.
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