• PFM Future Perfect is a modular, highly-flexible planning platform tailored to meet the exact needs of your organization. You choose the level of detail you prefer. You choose how narrowly or broadly your user community is defined. You decide what questions you need to answer. PFM then tailors and supports Future Perfect to help you answer those questions. Clients have used PFM Future Perfect to:

    • Manage enrollment
    • Manage faculty/staff and related salary/benefit expense
    • Frame, monitor, and develop budget consensus
    • Manage debt portfolios, including testing prospective debt capacity, planning for new debt, managing credit ratings, and monitoring debt covenants
    • Manage investments and endowments, while testing the impact of alternative allocation/return assumptions
    • Manage facilities and space, including new building projects and maintenance backlog
    • Help analyze complex questions that support the institution’s competitive position and mission

    PFM Future Perfect can perform whatever planning and decision-making functions are needed to support your institution, as if the model had been built in-house.

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