• Whitebirch is a software designed specifically for time-series strategic financial planning.

    Whitebirch is a comprehensive, integrated, and customized planning platform that provides rigorous, data-based analysis in real-time. It transforms planning from a tedious and static activity by providing the means to more quickly and accurately produce scenario analysis.

    Planning becomes more organic as strategic alternatives designed to improve your institution’s competitive and financial position are easily analyzed and more quickly adopted or discarded. Budgeting becomes more of a collaborative rather than competitive endeavor. Opportunities are discovered, while uncertainties and risks are identified. Complexity becomes manageable.

    Armed with such a powerful tool, financial officers can quickly integrate and analyze the impact of any prospective changes to operating assumptions and/or proposed projects. Business officers and senior management can illustrate and galvanize broad community support for strategic initiatives. Board members can easily understand the opportunities, risks, and constraints of proposed ideas. Financial and budget officers can quickly evaluate alternative spending and/or capital-related plans.

    Whitebirch will make your job easier, and it most likely will improve the way decisions are made at your institution.

    Click on the link below to learn more about what Whitebirch can do for you, or contact us (whitebirch@pfm.com) to schedule a live demonstration today.

    Whitebirch Software

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