PFM launching MUNITE, an investor relations platform built for the bond community, by the bond community

To optimize the flow of information from municipal bond issuers to their investors, and to make it easier for investors to use this information, PFM is launching Munite, an investor relations platform designed for use by municipal bond issuers, and their institutional investors who own large portfolios of municipal credits.

Munite also facilitates equal access to information for other market participants and issuer constituents that benefit from financial transparency.

“In our role as financial advisor to many of the muni market’s largest borrowers, we’ve observed that there is rarely a shortage of public information about these issuers. However, it can be difficult for investors to access complete and timely information in an efficient manner. In a world of information overload, Munite will help issuers manage their content and messaging. We expect Munite to be a valuable tool for streamlining information flow between issuers and investors,” described Mike Mace, Managing Director and leader of PFM’s public power practice.  Mr. Mace and fellow PFM Managing Director Dan Kozloff, have overseen the multi-year effort to develop Munite.

In addition to improving information access and efficiency for their investors, Munite has several value-added features for issuers. Munite keeps issuers up-to-date on how their bonds trade in the market, and who owns them. It lets issuers know the type of information that drives investor decisions. Munite’s comparative credit tools also provide valuable insight on industry peers and partners.

“Munite is an intuitive and efficient platform, where data is searchable, sortable and sector-specific. Our design allows issuers to provide investors a more direct route to the information they use on a daily basis. Platform features, like our dynamic data profile strength indicator, will help issuers ensure their data is timely and complete,” says Dan Kozloff who leads PFM’s Quantitative Strategies Group and has guided Munite’s evolution from concept to reality.

“PFM embarked on this project as the result of our decades of collective experience in observing the industry’s desire for a best practices approach to municipal investor relations. We designed and developed Munite based on input from our financial advisory professionals who have spent their careers working with issuers to ensure market participants have the information they need to help fund critical infrastructure needs.” adds Dan Hartman, leader of PFM’s financial advisory business.

For investors, Munite will be a one-stop shop; starting out with extensive public information on more than 40,000 issuers nationwide. It will have sector-specific data that is up-to-date and easily accessible, putting actionable information at their fingertips.

Issuers will have unprecedented connection to the investor community and the ability to tell their complete story to those that help turn plans into projects.

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