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Intelligent financial advice and creative consultation require attention and partnership to flourish. This is why PFM forges a close working relationship with each of our clients, ensuring our efforts to empower, mobilize and educate today help to yield sustainable outcomes tomorrow.

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PFM's Bethany Pugh will be joining a panel discussion on county credit ratings during NACo's 2020  Legislative Conference in Washington, D.C.

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We Value Your Security   

Understanding how and why data breaches occur is the first line of defense.

Learn about data breaches and how PFM is working to keep you safe.  

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Recession Readiness

June marks the 10th anniversary of the low point of the Great Recession.  PFM's report, “Recession Readiness in the Public Sector,” outlines a set of concrete action steps that state or local governments can take during periods of revenue growth to prepare for the next inevitable downturn. 

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