At PFM, responsibility—and transformation—come early.




Simply put, the advice we give our clients is concrete, meaningful and indispensable. So when you work for PFM, prepare to help change the world. Prepare to be a go-to person, one who sees things just a little bit differently. Prepare to feel great about what you do.

You will be expected to work hard, continually learn and develop, think proactively and provide your clients with service that is unmatched in its dedication to their needs. To support you, we’ll provide the best training and mentorship in the industry and give you opportunities for client responsibility and contact early and often.

You’ll experience the thrill of delivering difficult work that is done well. You’ll network with colleagues all across the country, whose experience will stretch your own capabilities and reinforce your growing expertise.

Perhaps PFM is the first point in your career. Perhaps you come to us with years of experience. No matter your starting point, you’ll play an integral role in our success. To us, you are more than a valuable asset; you are part of the transformation.

Entry Level Hires & Interns

The transformative solutions we provide clients reflect our Principles of Ingenuity, Sustainability and Resourcefulness. Do these describe you? When you interview with PFM, we’ll help you determine the best path for your talents—and your ambition.


PFM’s Analysts and Interns are a critical part of the project teams that serve our broad base of clients. Each role provides a solid foundation for a meaningful and growth-oriented career within the firm. Many of our project managers and Managing Directors started their careers with PFM.

Analysts and Interns at PFM have a broad range of responsibilities and a career path that includes continuous learning and the potential for swift advancement in a collaborative, creative environment. With initiative, you can craft opportunities that will be continually meaningful for you. 

PFM values honesty, knowledge, commitment and hard work, and we show it by providing a variety of on the job, real world learning opportunities. In addition, we are proud to offer reimbursement for graduate school and advanced financial certifications such as the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) designation. PFM has many Managing Directors – including our current CEO – who went through PFM’s Analyst training program and then developed and maintained a successful business practice at PFM.


The training run by our Quantitative Strategies Group has a well-deserved reputation for being one of the best in the business. Regardless of the focus of your college education, our training program will provide you with the tools and the confidence to contribute and make a difference right away. From the beginning, you’ll start to build your own PFM community as your training class becomes your first source of support. And once graduated, you’ll pair with a mentor, who will advise you along the way.

Our training program takes a building block approach, starting with the broadest of financial concepts and progressing to in-depth study of the capital markets and public finance. Throughout the training program, Analysts are introduced to different experts within PFM’s business lines. Not only will you gain exposure to Managing Directors around the organization, you will gain a comprehensive perspective on the services PFM offers to its clients.

You’ll learn everything you need to know to get up and running.


As an Analyst or as an Intern, your core objective is to enhance PFM’s service to our clients by providing analytic resources and solutions that support key client engagements and transactions. Your career with PFM can grow based on your unique strengths, interests and the firm’s ongoing needs.

Meaningful interaction with clients happens early and often. Your fresh perspective, combined with the expertise of your more experienced colleagues, is a potent combination we intend to put to work for the benefit of our clients.

You are an integral member of project teams that serve our clients and grow our business. Analysts are expected to take on a significant amount of responsibility on client engagements.

Our Analysts want regular challenge, a progressive and recognition-oriented work environment, opportunities for the spotlight and flexibility. At PFM, all of this is possible.

PFM continuously recruits Analysts and Interns to serve our clients’ broad range of needs. If you would like to be considered for PFM’s recruiting process, please visit our Career Portal.



Experienced Hires

Our experienced hires come from a variety of rich professional backgrounds—investment banking, civil service, public financing. We look for strong leaders with integrity who will enhance the culture of PFM, and who reflect our principles of Ingenuity, Sustainability and Resourcefulness.

If you are interested in joining PFM, please visit our Career Portal.

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Diversity & Inclusion in Recruiting

To maintain our stance as the best in our business, we need the best talent to power our work. Our diversity initiatives are designed to attract, retain and develop the most talented individuals regardless of race, sexual orientation, religion, age, gender, disability status or any other diversity dimension. Whether you join us for an internship, as an entry-level staff member, or as an experienced professional, your development, growth and achievement will be cultivated and championed with your unique abilities, experiences and viewpoints in mind.


PFM’s Machine Readable Files (MRFs)

If you are a researcher, regulator, application developer or member of the public looking for PFM's Machine Readable Files please click here.  

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Why Work With Us

Where will you find certainty in uncertain times?

At PFM, we believe that, in a changing world, doing meaningful work is more important than ever.

Our financial advisors and consultants partner with clients large and small to transform their world. Beyond superior financial advice, we offer tailored creative consultation that empowers, mobilizes and educates—which, in turn, ensures sustainable outcomes.

Simply put, we provide visionaries the lens to a brighter future.

Which explains why hundreds of state and local governments, health systems, universities, school districts, banks and non-profit agencies trust PFM as their companion when navigating change and achieving tomorrow’s goals.

Let us help your dreams take flight.

Ingenuity. Sustainability. Resourcefulness. That’s PFM.