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PFM is committed to meeting the varied needs of our client base, no matter their size or situation. That commitment means bringing our expertise to bear on behalf of clients through a broad array of capabilities designed specifically for institutions and the public sector.


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Derivatives Advisory

PFM’s experienced derivatives advisory practice has the resources and analytical experience to help clients manage risk while adhering to regulatory requirements. Our derivatives advisory practice actively monitors the markets for both competitive and negotiated transactions so that our clients are fully informed as they prepare to consider hedging their interest rate risk exposure.

We have a strong, enduring reputation and commitment to integrity, fair dealing and compliance with the securities and arbitrage laws. In accordance with the Dodd-Frank Act of 2010, PFM’s derivatives advisory practice can act as the Qualified Independent Representative and Designated Evaluation Agent on behalf of our clients.

We are not a derivatives broker or dealer, and we do not act as principal or counter-party for any transactions. What this means is that we act independently serving only one interest—yours.

Treasury Management Consulting

Choosing a banking provider for your cash management program often requires significant staff time and experience. How do you know you’re getting the most value for cost? Are all of the banking services appropriate for your needs? How do you weigh the options? PFM’s treasury management practice can help you objectively answer these questions. Using a balanced approach of quantitative and qualitative analysis, our experienced professionals will assess your needs, evaluate your existing banking program and guide you through the re-bidding process to help maximize services for cost.

Payment Solutions

The PFM Payment Solutions (P-Card) Program provides clients with a tool to receive rebates for their purchases. In addition, the P-Card payment process may reduce the typical requisition process and related costs associated with purchasing materials and services. The base of the Payment Solutions Program, which is a special type of credit card, streamlines the purchase of supplies, furniture, construction materials, utilities and much more, saving staff time and money for your entity. For more information, please email PCardTeam@pfm.com

Arbitrage Rebate Consulting

Issuing tax-advantaged bonds is a primary funding option for public sector projects. However, there are several tax implications that accompany these transactions that need to be taken into consideration. Our arbitrage rebate compliance practice is focused exclusively on the challenges of arbitrage rebate and post-issuance compliance. We know arbitrage, routinely provide training to governmental finance officers on arbitrage rebate and post-issuance compliance issues and work with issuers of every size all across the country.

Client by client, we’ve built a solid reputation for preparing thorough, thoughtful, and concise analyses and identifying the best possible after-tax results. On numerous occasions, issuers and their legal counsel have sought our advice and assistance in audit responses related to previous calculations that have been provided by other firms.

We take our approach a step further than the average rebate consultant. Our internally developed, sophisticated arbitrage rebate calculation models maintain the flexibility needed to analyze a wide variety of tax scenarios. “Off-the-shelf” and pre-programmed software packages typically utilized by other consultants may not offer the level of customization or detail necessary to thoroughly evaluate the dozen or more calculations to assess an issue’s compliance status.

Retirement Finance

PFM’s retirement finance group, which includes members from our financial advisory practice, our consulting practice and our asset management practice, are specialists in retirement finance. We have a comprehensive set of services designed to meet client needs, with the important understanding that ensuring the security of these benefits is not simply a math problem. We assist clients in a wide variety of ways from evaluating and constructing benefit plans that balance stakeholder needs, to creating multi-faceted views of funding plans, and evaluating and implementing sound investment programs.

Our proprietary retirement funding model uses actuarial data from pension and OPEB plans to construct a multi-faceted view, helping our clients fully evaluate and quantify the costs and benefits of various funding strategies. We help clients take the guesswork out of their futures.

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