Financial Advisory

Our Approach

At PFM, our financial advisors play an active part in designing and executing the financing strategies of our clients. We see ourselves as both our clients' partner and guide in helping to achieve their specific goals.

We built our reputation by providing superior service to our clients and making their involvement in the day-to-day financing process as streamlined as possible. Perhaps this is why, since 1987, PFM’s financial advisory team has been ranked the nation's leading independent municipal financial advisor in terms of par amount and number of issues by Thomson-Reuters.



Informed by deep insight into the marketplace, our solutions are never cookie-cutter. We believe that a financial advisor should be a resourceful partner, helping clients face whatever challenges may arise, with sound advice based on careful, relevant analysis.  We develop ideas that reflect the needs and perspective of our clients, allowing them to attend to their futures proactively instead of reactively. 

Diligent Management

When serving as financial advisor, we take an all-encompassing approach, ensuring that our clients’ best interests come first and foremost during each step of the capital formation process. We provide a forum for ideas, an environment for testing conventional wisdom, and a platform for forging value-added strategies. Most importantly, we help our clients execute transactions efficiently and seamlessly.

Fiduciary Focus

We believe advising our clients carries with it a sacred trust. Our 40+ year reputation is built upon putting our clients first. PFM incorporates our financial advisory professionals’ deep market expertise with sophisticated modeling capabilities, centralized bond pricing analysis and the collaborative power of teamwork to advise on each client’s unique objectives. Our goal is to reduce our clients’ financing costs and identify risks in ever-changing markets.

Our Solutions

Transaction Management & Bond Pricing

Issuing debt requires careful analysis and expertly delivered advice at every turn. We help our clients access capital for their projects through multiple tools including municipal bonds, bank loans, state and federal loan programs, public-private partnerships and other options which may not require borrowing such as grants or pay-as-you-go sources. To each engagement, we bring an understanding of what others have done successfully and how those ideas or approaches may work within the context of a client’s specific circumstances.

PFM professionals are among the most active participants in the municipal securities market. We were the first financial advisory practice to have dedicated individuals focused exclusively on developing tools that help our clients receive fair pricing for their bonds. Our pricing group practice possesses extensive experience in both competitive and negotiated sales, matched only by the largest underwriting firms.

Credit Strategies

Accessing the capital markets, or obtaining some form of lending, on predictable and acceptable terms depends on having an effective credit strategy. We help our clients develop and implement successful credit strategies that support their borrowing needs, while maintaining funding flexibility and sustainable finances.

Capital Planning

We design long term plans of finance to fund our clients’ ambitions. The crucial first step is to define the rules of the road — the financial planning that will get our clients where they need to go in the short and long term. A solid foundation of financial, debt and tax policies along with sound analytics is fundamental for creating a sustainable, long-range plan of finance. After that, we are with our clients every step of the way, as partners and advisors. 

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