• PFMAM provides clients with highly professional, independent investment advice. Your interests are always our primary focus. Three distinguishing characteristics epitomize PFMAM management philosophy:

    • Independence, objectivity and focus
    • Extensive access with no conflicts of interest
    • Customized client review and economies of scale

    Independence, Objectivity and Focus

    • PFMAM carefully selects the right manager for each assignment.
    • We are team players, partnering with clients to meet their specific needs.
    • As your representatives, we take ownership and responsibility for the advice we give you.
    • PFMAM provides access to a broad range of professional colleagues within PFMAM to work on your behalf.

    Extensive access with no conflicts of interest

    • We do not limit our universe of managers, so we are constantly evaluating new managers and updating our approved list as appropriate.
    • Working only on your behalf, PFMAM does not receive compensation through commissions. We do not sell consulting data to managers or otherwise receive remuneration from managers.
    • We derive all of our revenues from our clients, not from underwriters or investment firms.

    Customized client review and economies of scale

    • Our clients are not limited to quarterly or semi-annual reviews. Based on client needs, we can report and/or meet as often as appropriate and as circumstances dictate.
    • Size is a beneficial factor when managing assets. We strive to leverage our collective clients' invested assets to obtain beneficial pricing from mutual funds, money managers, and custodians.
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