• At PFM, we offer more than just a job – we offer a career and a chance to make a difference. Whether helping municipal governments to provide services for their citizens, enabling schools to educate tomorrow’s leaders, or counseling pension funds on how to provide for a stable source of support for those who have completed their years of service, the advice that PFM professionals provide is concrete and meaningful.

    PFM is a firm where you will be expected to work hard, challenge yourself every day and provide our clients with service that is unmatched in its dedication to their needs. You will also receive the best training in the industry, have an opportunity where client responsibility and contact will come to you early in your career, and experience the thrill of delivering difficult work that is done well. We are able to achieve these standards because we demand excellence while recognizing that our employees are most effective when they enjoy a reasonable quality of life as well.

    It takes work to find the right balance and everyone does it in a different way, but at PFM we value the importance of all aspects of our employees’ lives. That is why our highly accomplished professionals choose PFM over many other opportunities for employment – and stay to make their careers here.

  • Are you right for PFM? Are we right for you? Listen to the stories of those who have made the choice and celebrate it.

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