PFM’s Entry Level Analysts

  • An Analyst at PFM has a broad range of responsibilities and a career path that includes continuous learning and the potential for swift advancement in a gratifying, team-oriented environment. We do not see our Analysts as two- or three-year trainees, but rather as those who choose to make a longer-term commitment to PFM – who come to PFM for a career.

    What do Analysts do for PFM?

    As an Analyst, you work as an integral member of project teams to serve our clients and grow our business. Analysts are expected to take on a significant amount of responsibility on client engagements that may involve debt transaction management and issuance oversight, cutting-edge quantitative computer modeling and financial analysis for budgets and investment portfolios, marketing, research, proposal development, or oral presentations. Analysts are frequently asked to prepare and present materials at client meetings. They are given significant exposure to the financial markets in an exciting environment that rewards self-starters and provides ongoing learning opportunities in numerous fields of public finance.

    What do we offer our Analysts?

    Training. PFM offers the most comprehensive training program in the financial industry. Through ten weeks of intense classroom training at our headquarters in Philadelphia, our analysts learn the financial and analytic/modeling skills they need to become the best in the business. Our training program takes a building block approach, starting with the broadest of financial concepts and progressing to in-depth study of the capital markets and public finance. Throughout the training program, Analysts are introduced to different PFM business lines, gaining a broad perspective on the services that PFM offers to its clients. While Analysts are not required to have a background in finance when beginning the training program, they must be ready and eager to work hard and actively engage in the program in order to develop the skill sets necessary to take on significant client responsibilities. In addition to the initial training program for new Analysts, PFM offers regular ongoing training seminars that focus on advanced skills or market trends in PFM’s wide array of expertise.

    Responsibility. PFM’s culture and flat organizational structure create an environment where Analysts can grow and thrive. You work directly with Project Managers and clients, creating opportunities for learning and networking. After going through our rigorous training program, PFM’s Analysts are expected to take on integral roles on project teams, interacting directly with clients and providing important analysis and work products.

    Opportunity. PFM offers our Analysts long-term career options. Unlike some financial services providers, PFM does not view our Analyst program as limited to a two- or three-year engagement. In fact, we encourage Analysts to stay on board and establish a long-term career with PFM, as many have. PFM values honesty, knowledge, commitment and hard work, and we show it by providing reimbursement for graduate school and advanced financial certifications such as the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) designation. PFM has many Managing Directors (Partners) – including our current CEO – who went through PFM’s Analyst training program themselves and then developed and maintained a successful business practice at PFM.

    PFM continuously recruits Analysts to serve our clients’ broad range of needs. If you would like to be considered for PFM’s Recruiting Process, please visit our Career Portal

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