PFM's Commitment to Change

Among other events too numerous to count, the killing of George Floyd and the expressions of grief, anger, frustration and fear that have followed are stark evidence of the racial injustice in our society. There is an undeniable pattern of injustice targeting people of color that affects everyone who cares about goodness, fairness and community. If you are a person of color within our communities or someone who cares deeply for your community members, you should know that we understand that this systematic injustice affects you and your families. 

The PFM community stands in solidarity with all people of color and is committed to working toward racial equity and justice in our communities and our country.  

In order to be agents of change, PFM will:

  1. Continue to move forward as an organization to achieve equity through actions and policies at PFM – through D&I practices and related accountability, community engagement, relationships with partners and vendors.
  2. Remain supportive of our colleagues at PFM by offering facilitation and forums for meaningful and actionable discussions.
  3. Reaffirm PFM’s diversity, equity and inclusion objectives, implement associated progress measurements and individual accountability at all levels.
  4. Express PFM’s value, commitment and actions to our audience of clients and the communities in which we work and live.
  5. Own and communicate our commitment to this progress in recruiting, retention, promotion, leadership, management and our business and client relationships.

We know that words are not enough and that the action plan above is just a start, but PFM is committed to the work of change, not just today, or this week, but continuously. 

For us, Black Lives Matter is not just an affirmation but a call to action.

One we intend to answer. 


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