PFM Will Launch Financial Modeling Tool for Local Governments at GFOA Annual Conference

Whitebirch Multi-Year Planning for Local Governments helps financial officers see and manage their organization’s futures

Philadelphia, PA – Amid rising public service demands pressured by evaporating funding sources, PFM Solutions LLC, a leading provider of financial modeling technology using its Whitebirch platform, has introduced a new modeling product specifically aimed at helping local governments gain more accurate insights into the downstream impacts of strategic options on their financial positions. Whitebirch Multi-Year Planning for Local Governments is being introduced at the Government Finance Officers Association (GFOA) annual conference and made available to finance officers across the country.

Purpose-built for the increasingly complex planning needs of municipalities, the Whitebirch patented technology allows government professionals to create, manipulate and communicate unlimited combinations of strategic what-if scenarios to drive more effective multi-year planning and decision-making in real time.

“Demands on local governments are only getting more complex and far-reaching,” said Brett Matteo, President PFM Solutions. “Issues like OPEB liability, public safety, pensions, wages, healthcare costs, tax volatility, state assistance, capital financing and infrastructure needs are creating a crosscurrent of competing priorities that threaten long-term sustainability. By empowering teams to model multiple financial alternatives as a critical part of strategic planning, we are helping local governments gain more control over their financial futures.”

Unlike static spreadsheets that require building and populating multiple versions of row-and-column coordinates and formulas to create each projection, the Whitebirch engine is object-oriented, using only one original version of the source data and base logic to drive unlimited projections. This allows stakeholders to quickly and easily evaluate impacts of any combination of variables on cash flows like taxes and other revenues, operating expenses, debt and capital.

The Whitebirch platform includes pre-built financial logic modules and user-friendly accounting fields that enable users to quickly and easily load key inputs reducing modeling time from days to minutes. To enhance collaboration, the platform allows multiple users to run multiple scenarios at the same time. Models are highly transparent and easy to follow, making for a clear, unambiguous presentation of financial cases.

“We’re excited to launch Whitebirch Multi-Year Planning for Local Governments at GFOA to demonstrate how this tool can not only help executives plan more effectively, but also communicate more effectively to internal and external stakeholders, by demonstrating the impact of changes to financial projections in real time,” said Matteo. “It’s a dynamic platform built for dynamic decision making.”

About PFM Solutions LLC

PFM Solutions LLC, focuses exclusively on developing and delivering best-of-breed financial modeling technology and services to public and private markets.

Whitebirch Multi-Year Planning for Local Governments is a high-performance financial modeling solution that helps financial professionals and their teams more effectively create, manipulate and communicate unlimited combinations of strategic what-if scenarios in real-time to enhance mission-critical planning. Purpose-built for organizations with large multi-dimensional operations, the Whitebirch platform takes financial strategy and decision-making to an entirely new level. To learn more, visit

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