• Seaports function not only as intermodal facilities for goods and passengers, but they are increasingly essential facilitators of commerce and creators of jobs.  They are by necessity public-private partnerships, bringing together shipping lines, manufacturers, retail firms, trucking lines and railroads with port, highway and rail infrastructure providers.  As a result, the range of financial needs and solutions for public seaports is very broad.  At PFM, we understand the full range of potential capital needs and financial solutions.  As represented below, we have a broad array of financing experience with seaports and we are able to offer a variety of solutions designed to fit each client’s needs. 

    PFM’s Value to Clients

    The PFM Transportation team provides independent, robust guidance and the tools to appraise choices in financing transactions.  We emphasize the need for thorough long-term capital planning and the development of project plans of finance that can be practically implemented.  Our extensive public sector client base and transaction experience provide deep understanding of the stakeholders in seaports and their requirements.  Our core financial advisory services include:

    • Program development that often includes a range of P3 alternatives
    • Project financial feasibility and valuation analysis
    • Development of long term pro forma capital program and cash flow analyses
    • Transaction structuring to minimize credit and balance sheet impact
    • Design and management of transparent, fair and disciplined financing processes planned to achieve superior results
    • Development of and assistance in implementing credit rating strategies designed to optimize ratings within a given set of operating and financial parameters
    • Evaluation of the terms that drive transactions and thorough assessment of their potential value

    PFM's success in creating and implementing seaport financing programs throughout the nation is a result of our knowledge and experience across a broad range of transportation projects, including seaports and intermodal projects.  Collectively, the transportation team as well as PFM regional and P3 experts have pioneered innovative financial structures for numerous state and local governments. 

    The work of PFM's seaport specialists has been named an infrastructure "Deal of the Year" by two infrastructure publications -- Infrastructure Investor and Project Finance -- as an excellent example of an innovative transaction benefiting both the public and private sectors of the business.

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