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With Synopsis, innovative technology and out-of-the-box functionality help local governments of all sizes take control of their financial future. Easily manage key drivers and configure new scenarios to instantly visualize outcomes and communicate results with your stakeholders.

School districts are complex enterprises with the unique challenge of developing multi-year financial plans that accurately portray how shifts in major financial drivers will impact the ability to provide the best education for students while managing limited public resources.

Key Features:

  • Multi-Scenario Planning
    Test different assumptions, project, and plans with integrated scenarios.
  • Real-Time Analysis
    Live side-by-side projections allow for rapid comparative analysis.
  • Integrated Presentations
    Create and modify dynamic presentations from one cloud-enabled platform.

Synopsis is a tiered solution capable of modeling the challenges of any size institution. From small local municipalities to large city and state governments, Synopsis offers clarity, credibility, and consensus to the financial planning process.

Both the Select and PLUS solutions come with easy integration and core modeling essentials to help visionary finance leaders become proactive change-makers, rather than reactive economic followers.


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